Hide/Show Menu Items for Logged in Users

To hide menu items until users login, please first enable the login feature.

When creating a page builder page, you can find a "Special Conditions" box at the bottom. Check the box to only show for logged in users, then create the page. (This box will only appear if you have a menu selected in Add to Menu)

If you have already created the page, you can visit your menu item, and add a class of loggedin to any menu items you wish to show only to logged in users.

This will hide the menu item until the user logs in, then the menu item will be shown.

You can also add a class of loggedout to any items that should only be shown to logged out users. For example, a registration or sign up page.

WordPress Login

The login feature logs users into WordPress, so any WordPress pages will honor this login the same way it does on your website.

For example, if you have a membership plugin that hides content based on a membership level, it will work the same way in the app. The user will not be shown any hidden content unless they are logged in. After they login, they will see the content you choose to show them based on their user role or membership level.