Custom Logo

Add a custom logo to the header of your app by uploading it in the "Settings" -> "Upload Header Logo" in the Customizer.  The image type needs to be a PNG and the recommended height is 35 pixels.  The max width should be 150 pixels.  That is just a recommendation, your file can be any size and it will automatically be resized to fit.  You can name your file anything you like because we'll rename it to header-logo.png and add it to the assets folder on your app so it will also be available offline.

file type: PNG
max-height: 35px;
max-width: 150px;

If your logo needs to be higher resolution, simply double the size (70px height).

Depending on your logo you may need to adjust the CSS which you can add in the "Design" -> "Custom CSS" in the Customizer.  We added a few example below to you get started however this will need to tweaked to suit your specific requirements.

Appear on All Pages

The logo will only appear on the homepage of the app. If you would like it to appear on all pages you can add the follow styles.

You will have to edit the styles to make it look how you want. Specifically, edit the "bottom" pixel value to move the logo vertically as needed.

AppPresser 4

ion-header ion-title span{

display: none;


ion-header ion-title {

width: 100%;

content: "";

background-image: url(files/header-logo.png); /* enter the path to your file */

height: 40px;

background-repeat: no-repeat;

background-size: contain;

background-position: right;


AppPresser 3 (Legacy/Unsupported)

.title, .header-logo { display: none; }

.header:before {

width: 150px;

content: "";

background-image: url(assets/header-logo.png); /* enter the path to your file */

height: 100px;

background-repeat: no-repeat;

background-position: center bottom;

z-index: 100;

position: absolute;

left: 0;

right: 0;

bottom: 5px;

margin: auto;