Google Analytics (Universal Analytics)

Your AppPresser app will track screen views and certain events to a website-based Google Analytics account.

Tracking Events

In addition to tracking screen views, your app will also track these events:

  • Open app
  • User login
  • User logout
  • Language changes


  1. Go to Google Analytics
    1. Click Admin
  2. Create a new property

    1. Enter your information
    2. Click "Show Advanced Options." Choose the universal analytics property only option:
  3.  Get your UA tracking number in the next step, it should look like UA-XXXXXXXX-X
    1. Do not use the measurement ID that starts with G-
    2. Close the "Web Stream" modal by clicking the X at the top left (if applicable)
  4. Copy and paste it into your app settings under the integration tab 

Rebuild and reinstall the app. Look under Events in your Google Analytics property for certain app events to be recorded.