Iframe Login Issues

If you are being logged out after clicking a link inside an iframe page, that is normal.


Every time the app loads an iframe page, we load it with a token in the url, like your site.com?token=asdf98723r9. This token is unique for each user, and assigned when they login through the app. It authenticates them as logged in each time a new page loads. When you click a link in an iframe page, it loads a new page without the token, so the website thinks they are logged out.

The way around this is to use the push-page class on links that need to retain the logged in status.

<a href="http://mysite.com/page" class="push-page">Click here</a>
If you have a lot of links and you don't want to manually add the push-page class to them, we made a plugin that will add the push-page class to all links via Javascript. This is a heavy-handed solution, so it may not work for everyone.
To add push-page class to every link on your site (in the content area) download and install this plugin.

Ajax Issues

If you have actions inside an iframe that load ajax requests, and do not load a new page, then the solution above will not work. The problem is that your site sends an ajax request in the background, and it is not authenticated, so it fails.
We have created a plugin that attempts to solve this issue by adding a token to all ajax requests. It is not guaranteed to work, and we do not offer support if it doesn't solve your issue.

For installs running the AppPresser Core 4.2.3 and JWT 1.3.2 and greater, install: this plugin
For installs running the AppPresser Core 4.2 and JWT 1.2.6 and below, install:  this plugin
This fix is not foolproof, and it is not guaranteed to work with every plugin, since each plugin works differently. We do not support all plugins, so if you have a plugin that uses ajax that does not work with our ajax fix plugin, there is nothing else we can do. The bottom line is that we do not support all iframe based functionality, and we do not support all plugins.