Firebase Authentication Method Migration

Google is officially deprecating the Firebase Messaging API Key (Referred to as the Firebase Server Key in MyAppPresser). As a result, AppPresser apps must be updated with a new authentication method in order to send push notifications into Firebase and out to Android devices.

Android Push Notifications will stop working after June 20th, 2024 if no action is taken

The new authentication method utilises a Google Service Account, a special user account within a Google Cloud Project, that can be given specific access to a wide range of Google services and APIs.

Note: If you've already gone through the Google Play Automatic Deployment steps, you might recall already creating a Service Account, possibly within a different Google Cloud Project. While it is possible to reuse that single Service Account for both Firebase and Google Play Auto Deployment we do not recommend this. Our recommended setup is an individual service account within the Firebase project for each app to handle Push Notifications and then a separate Service Account for Google Play Deployment which can be re-used for all apps within a single Google Play account.

Creating your Service Account for Firebase

  • From within your Firebase Project head to Project Overview -> Project Settings -> Cloud Messaging

  • Click Manage Service Accounts to head across to the matching Google Cloud Project
  • There should be a Service account already setup that is labelled roughly something like [email protected] Click into that Service Account and head to the Keys tab
  • Under Add Key Select Create new key and select JSON. After creation, it should download a JSON file to your computer which is what needs to be uploaded in MyAppPresser

  • Inside MyAppPresser, upload the .json file under Features -> Push Notifications -> Google Service Account File.

    NOTE: Do not confuse this with the Google Services File . This should have been created previously during the Android Push Notifications Setup step

  • Click Setup / Update Push Certificates to update the Push Notification Server with the new authentication method.

  • If everything was successful you should see a green Push notifications setup! message at the top of the screen. If you receive an error please reach out to our support team for assistance.