Build and Preview

The Build and Preview tab is where you compile your app files after you've made all of your changes.

For example if you added a new custom page to the menu, click build and it will show up in the preview.

This step can also compile your app for device testing or submission to the app stores.

You will now see a dropdown for iOS signing keys. A valid signing key is required to get your app onto an iOS device. Please see  this documentation for help.

How to Build Your App for Device Testing

  1. First, you need to create a free PhoneGap Build account, and get an authentication token. Please see this article for instructions.
  2. For Android testing, you do not need any other steps. Just scan the QR code using any QR scanner app.
  3. For iOS testing, you will need an Apple developer account that will be used to generate signing keys. Once you have your developer account, you can email us your developer account login to set these up for you.

How Often Should I Rebuild?

Many of AppPresser's settings are updated live in the app without rebuilding. Most of the time you will not need to rebuild.

You DO NOT need to rebuild if:

  1. You change colors or custom CSS
  2. You edit a menu or menu item (except custom pages)
  3. You make a change or add something in WordPress

You DO need to rebuild if:

  1. You add a new custom page to the menu
  2. You add or remove push notifications
  3. You add or remove app icon/splash, assets, or config.xml code

Rebuilding does not affect your live app, and it does not push anything to the app stores.

Update Live App Button

If you make changes to colors, menus, ads, or your WordPress url, and you want to see those changes on your device, push this button.
Here's a more detailed explanation. Your app has colors, menus, and other settings from via API. The Update Live App button updates the API version, which tells your live apps that there have been changes to your app settings. Apps that are installed on devices will see the new version number, and grab the updated colors, menus, and other settings. This only applies to apps installed on devices, including apps that are live in the app stores.
When should I push this?
If you have your app installed on a device and you make a change to app colors or menus, push it. Then close and re-open the app a couple of times on your device to refresh.
If you have an app in the app stores and you want your app users to see new colors or menus, push it.
Apps must be closed and re-opened a couple of times to see the updates.