Build and Preview

The Build and Preview tab is where you compile your app files after you've made all of your changes.

For example if you added a new custom page to the menu, click build and it will show up in the preview.

This step can also compile your app for device testing or submission to the app stores.

You can read the details below, or check out this helpful tutorial on our blog.

PhoneGap Build Auth Token

(This step is required to get your app onto your device, or submit to the app stores)

AppPresser allows you to connect to PhoneGap Build to easily get your app onto your device.

First, you'll need a free PhoneGap Build Account. Visit to create your account.

After you've created your account, login to your   Phonegap Build account. Click on the user icon at the top right and go to 'Edit Account', then click the 'Client Applications' tab. 

Copy the Authentication Token, and add it to the PhoneGap Build Auth Token field under the Build and Preview tab.  If you do not see the Authentication Tokens, press Reset/Create under the Authentication Tokens box.

After entering the auth token and saving, refresh the page.

With that Authentication token in place, you each time you press "Build App" it will be automatically compiled for your device. After building, you will see a QR code that you can scan with your phone to install the app right away. (You can use any QR scanning app to scan the QR code)

iOS devices require signing keys, so you won't be able to test on iOS until you add those. Android devices will work right away.

Note: you get one app for free, if you need more than that you'll need a paid account. If you see build errors on a free account, it might be because you are trying to build more than one app.

Signing Keys

You will now see a dropdown for iOS signing keys. A valid signing key is required to get your app onto an iOS device. Please see  this documentation for help.

If you don't see the iOS key dropdown, refresh the page.

How Often Should I Rebuild?

Many of AppPresser's settings are updated live in the app without rebuilding. Most of the time you will not need to rebuild.

You DO NOT need to rebuild if:

  1. You change colors or custom CSS
  2. You edit a menu or menu item (except custom pages)
  3. You make a change or add something in WordPress

You DO need to rebuild if:

  1. You add a new custom page to the menu
  2. You add or remove push notifications
  3. You add or remove app icon/splash, assets, or config.xml code

Rebuilding does not affect your live app, and it does not push anything to the app stores.