Frequently Asked Questions

These questions/answers were taken from our AppPresser 3 launch webinar. Some of them may be outdated, but we are posting them here in case they are helpful for you.

WordPress plugins / AppPresser Extensions

Can we only use WooCommerce or can you use other eCommerce platforms? What about Woo Bookings?

We only support WooCommerce officially, extensions such as Bookings should work just fine. You may need to make some visual adjustments, but that's about it. We cannot provide support or guarantee any custom plugin functionality however.

Does it work with Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, etc?

Yes, Gravity Forms and all major form plugins work great in our apps.

What about Visual Composer?

If you are using the Visual Composer plugin, it should work in the app. If it's bundled with a theme, it will not work. AppPresser switches your theme for the app, so any functionality in an existing theme (such as shortcodes) will not work. Anything in a plugin will work.

As with any custom plugin, you may need to add custom CSS to get everything to look right in the app.

Offline/Static Pages

Custom page creation in AppPresser 3 is one of the most powerful new features. It allows you to build offline/static pages in your app easily. It is custom HTML that will be embedded in the app, so it can work offline. These pages load really fast and provide a lot of new customization features, such as adding Ionic 2 components.

Can shortcodes be used on these static pages?

No, these pages do not connect to WordPress, they are custom HTML, so shortcodes do not apply here.

Can you use Javascript in the offline pages?

Yes,  please see this doc.

Will the static offline page update if changes are made, when the users re-connects to the internet?

No. The reason these pages work offline is because they are embedded on the device, so they do not update. You must rebuild and resubmit your app to make any changes to offline pages.

Is it possible to show normal blog posts cached as offline content?

Yes, the new API driven list pages cache your blog posts for offline viewing after they are viewed once. WordPress pages are not cached or available offline, only API post lists.

How big will the app package be without any offline material?

App packages are very small, only about 5MB without anything added.

How much will offline pages support Ionic/Angular components, methods?

You can use a few of the Ionic components for layout and display purposes, such as the card, grid, slider, icons, FAB, etc.  You cannot write any custom Angular code, or use any components that require Angular code, for example an input or action sheet. It is possible to use click actions that open pages in the app, or browser windows.

On the static pages clickable if you include a button to go to another page?

Yes, you can make your buttons clickable to open other pages in the app.

Can the static page have images?

Yes, you can use images from your website, or embed the images on the device so they are available offline.

CSS / Style

AppPresser 3 adds a new visual customizer for all pages in your app. You are able to customize every single thing, with no restrictions.

Can you add a faded image background in the menu?

Yes, you can fully customize the menu display.

What can you say about CSS compatibility with current Ion Theme? How much rework to adopt this?

AppPresser 3 uses a different theme, it is essentially the Ion Theme with no header or footer. Most customizations you did in a child theme of the Ion Theme should apply to the new AP3 Ion Theme.

The biggest difference is the header and footer. Those are no longer part of the theme, they are a completely separate part of the app you must customize through the App Customizer.

UI/UX questions

Is there a pull-down page refresh UX?

Yes, API list pages have pull to refresh and infinite scroll. WordPress pages do not have this functionality.

Can the photo in the activity post pop up if you click on it?

Yes, you can post images in the BuddyPress activity feed.

Can you put the menu in the bottom?

Yes, you can use a bottom tab menu by selecting it in the App Customizer settings. It works great!

Can we easily rename menu items? Like, rename Shop to Bookings?

Yes, you can fully customize the name and display of menu items.

How do Iframes work in the app?

You can add iFrames such as YouTube videos or Google Maps easily.

Can the app be protected with user authentication if you run a closed membership site?

Your WordPress pages will be protected with your membership plugin like normal. It will require a login, and only logged in users will see your content. It obeys membership levels, drip content, etc.

Custom pages are separate from WordPress, so they do not have anything to do with your membership plugin.

Does Touch ID, 3D Touch, or Apple Pay work with AppPresser?

Not at this time.


Can we use AppTheme, or a custom theme?

No, you must use the new AP3 Ion Theme, but you can fully customize it through the App Customizer, or with a child theme.

Does the theme for both the mobile version and web version of your site need to be Ion?

The AP3 Ion Theme is only active in the app, you can have a separate theme for your desktop and mobile web site.

AppPresser does not change your normal website theme or affect your site at all, it is only active when viewed in the app.

AP2 vs AP3

Whats the amount of speed gained with Apppresser 3?

App load time and page load speed have increased significantly. The app load time no longer depends on your web host server, so it should load quickly even on a poor internet connection. If you use custom pages in your app, these load almost instantly.

Any WordPress pages that load slowly can be fixed through better web hosting.

Push Notifications

AppPresser 3 comes with free push notifications that are easy to setup on your app dashboard.

Can you schedule push notifications?

Yes, you can schedule posts in WordPress that will send out notifications. WordPress scheduled posts are notoriously unreliable, you may need an extra plugin or a server cron job to make sure the notifications work properly.

Is AppPresser is providing the push server as an api?

Yes, we have an API for notifications, so you can send them from anywhere. Your local computer, WordPress, a 3rd party application, etc.

Will deep linking with push messages work?

Yes, you can link to a page in the app, or an external website page through a push notification. You cannot link to app pages from a website.

Do you have geo based notifications?

Not at this time.

For the notifications, do I still have to use pushwoosh?

No, AppPresser 3 is not compatible with PushWoosh. You must use the free notifications that come with your account.

What about segmented post notifications?

Segmented push notifications are available on the Agency Plus plan.

Does it have push notification if there is a comment or a like?

Our BuddyPress integration sends a notification for a private message or public mention. The push notification API is very flexible, you can use custom code to send a notification whenever you want.

Building Your App

So, it's all configured on and not on our own sites?

To use AppPresser 3, you install and configure our plugins and theme on your WordPress site, just like before. At that point, you build everything in the App Customizer on your dashboard.

Will we need to release to the store more often? More rebuilds?

No, you can still make lots of changes to the app that do not require resubmission. The biggest change would be if you are using static/offline pages, you cannot edit those without rebuilding and resubmitting.

Can we still edit the zipped build files, if you would like to?

Yes, there is a link in your app dashboard to download your app files.

Can you make changes to custom pages without rebuilding the app?

No. These pages are compiled when you build, and embedded in the app. Any changes require rebuilding.

Can you create an app without using WordPress?

Yes, you can use 100% custom pages, you are not required to have a WordPress site.


Reactor has been discontinued.


Will my clients still be able to manipulate their mobile app directly from their own website instead of from the centralized dashboard?

Some features can be done through the WordPress site, such as sending push notifications or adding content to existing pages. Editing the app design or features must be done through

Is it better to start a completely new site like or is it best to using my existing?

AppPresser is built to work with your existing site, you do not need to create a new site unless you want to.

Do you have new documentation?

Yes, you can find AP3 docs here.

Can you link to any external website? Does that external page need and SSL certificate?

Yes, AppPresser 3 is more flexible in that you can use any website url in your app. We recommend that you only use https pages, but this is not required. The app preview may not display all pages if they are not https, due to browser security issues that are not under our control. The app itself when on your device will display http pages just fine.

Can you connect to a non-Wordpress endpoint and can you use Angular 2 to build custom pages pulling/sending data to that external endpoint?

This is not possible yet, but certainly something we are looking into.

How can AP3 work with version control?

It's possible to use your own custom build files, but we don't have a way to hook up your build files to version control and sync with If you use custom build files, you will have to build your app locally and use your own version control system.

Will this still be working on Android 4.0?

AppPresser officially supports Android 4.4+, and iOS 9+. Lower OS versions should still work, but may have unknown issues.

Have a question that's not answered here?

Shoot us an email, we'd be happy to answer.