Introduction to App Store Submission (AppPresser 3)

AppPresser 3 only

Submitting to the app stores is a multi-step process.

  1. Create and customize your app with AppPresser
  2. Create your iOS certificates, and Android release key
  3. Build your app in Phonegap Build using the proper certificates and key from step 2
  4. Export your app files from Phonegap Build to submit to the app stores

Want us to submit your app?

Submitting your app can be difficult if you've never done it before. We offer a service to submit your app,  learn more about it here.

Alternatively, we have lots of documentation on this site if you want to do it yourself. After you read this article, view the rest of the articles  here.


Apple submissions happen in   iTunes Connect. That's where you create your app store listing, then you upload your .ipa file through the Application Loader.

After submission, Apple takes 10-14 days to review your app. Most apps are accepted, and even apps that are rejected normally just need some simple changes to get accepted.


Android apps are submitted through   Google Play. You create your listing and upload the app .apk file through their interface.

This is a much easier process than iOS, and it takes about 24 hours for your app to be live. There is an app review process, but it is much less stringent than Apple's.

After you have your app accepted to app stores

When to rebuild your application.

As we evolve our products and push out updates to your purchased extensions, there will be times when you need to rebuild the apps you have in order to take advantage of new features.

You will need to rebuild if

  • We add a new PhoneGap-powered feature
  • We add a feature that relies on connecting your site, PhoneGap, and a 3rd party service.
    • Example: Push Notifications with PushWoosh.

You will NOT need to rebuild if

  • We add more customizations or hooks to the WordPress specific functionality.
    • Example: upgrading AppWoo to be compatible with WooCommerce 2.1

If you fall under the "need to rebuild" category, you will need to do that locally, test it, and update your App customers through your chosen marketplaces.