Migrating from AppPresser 2 to 3

Migrating your app from version 2 to 3 is not automatic, you will need to rebuild much of your app.

Here are the steps to migrate:

  1. Update all AppPresser plugins to the latest versions
  2. Upload the AP3 Ion Theme to your site (do not activate or change app only theme setting)
  3. Create an account on myapppresser.com using this form: https://apppresser.com/3-signup/ (password: banana)
  4. Configure AppPresser plugin settings
  5. Re-create your app using the new app builder


Since you will be using a different theme for AP3, any modifications you made to an AppPresser theme or child theme will not carry over directly.

You need to copy over your edits to an AP3 child theme, and make any adjustments necessary. The new theme is based on the old Ion Theme, but there were many changes made, so you will have to do some testing and tweaking. 

Keep in mind that AppPresser 3 does not use a header, footer, or side menu. Those are all contained in the app itself, not in WordPress, and must be customized using the app customizer.