Home Page Menu Links

One of the default pages in your newly created apps is a homepage that displays links from your menu.

The code looks like this:

	  <ion-col col-6 *ngFor="let p of pages.menus.items" [ngClass]="p.extra_classes">
		  <ion-card (click)="pushPage(p)" class="menu-card">
		    <div class="card-title"><ion-icon *ngIf="p.class" name="{{p.class}}"></ion-icon></div>
		    <div class="card-subtitle">{{p.title}}</div>

Customize Appearance

To customize this page, you can use custom CSS like this:

.custom-page .menu-card { background-color: red; color: black; border-radius: 10px; }<br>

Tabs Links

If you would like to display links from your tab menu instead of your side menu, change pages.menus.items to pages.tab_menu.items on line 3 in the code above.