Visual Glossary Page Templates

Intro Page

If you use the Intro page, it will be the very first page that your user sees when they open the app for the first time. It only appears once.

Home Page Menu Links

Home page menu links give your app an organize list of buttons to get your users quickly to your content.

WordPress Posts - API List Page

Display your latest WordPress posts in this API list page template with bonus features like favoriting.

WordPress Posts - Cards Layout

Use your posts' featured images as you display your latest WordPress posts in this API list page template.

WordPress Posts - Slider Layout

Your WordPress posts with a slider layout . . .

Custom Page - HTML tags

When you choose the custom page template, you are free to use your own HTML.

Custom Page - Ionic tags

When you choose the custom page template, you are free to use a mixture of HTML tags and Ionic tags.

Media Download - Player Icons Layout

When you choose the media download template, one of the choices is using the play icon in the list instead of thumbnails.

Media Downloads - Thumbnails Layout

When you chose the media download template, you can choose the thumbnail layout.

AppCommunity - BuddyPress Activity

The AppCommunity - BuddyPress activity page template displays your WordPress site's latest BuddyPress activity.

AppCommunity - BuddyPress Members

The AppCommunity - BuddyPress members page template displays your WordPress site's BuddyPress members.

AppCommunity - BuddyPress Group

The AppCommunity - BuddyPress group page template displays your WordPress site's BuddyPress public and private groups.

AppCommunity - BuddyPress User Profile

The AppCommunity - BuddyPress profile page template displays your WordPress site's BuddyPress user profile page.

AppCommunity - BuddyPress Message

The AppCommunity - BuddyPress message template allows your users to compose messages to be delivered to other BuddyPress members.

AppCommunity - BuddyPress Messaging Page

The AppCommunity - BuddyPress message template provides multiple features such as allows your users to compose messages, display the conversion of messages, and a list of all conversations between yourself and other BuddyPress members.

AppCommerce - Shop

The AppCommerce shop page displays your Woocommerce products.

AppCommerce - Cart

The AppCommerce cart page display the user's current Woocommerce shopping cart.

AppCommerce - Account

The AppCommerce account page template displays a user's previous orders.

Geolocation - User checkin

A user checkin page allows your user to send geolocation information to your WordPress site. You can then use this data to display markers on a map or use your own creativity how to use this data.

Geolocation - Map markers

Uses the checkin method above so you can display a map of makers from that data.

Camera - AppCommunity Activity

Allow your users to upload photos into their BuddyPress activity feed.

Camera - WordPress button

Upload an image from any WordPress page that you add to your app with AppCamera shortcodes.

Settings Page - Language

Make your app multilingual by creating a language settings page.

Settings Page - Segments for Push Notifications

A segmenting settings page allows you to create different topics that your app users can subscribe, so they can choose what notifications they want to receive.

Authentication - Login

The login settings allow you to add a login button to your app menu, which enables app users to log in and out of the app using their WordPress or Facebook credentials.

Authentication - Logout

Create links to the logout modal with logout menu item classes.

Authentication - Registration

Use the app's registration page to allow your user's to create a WordPress account from inside the app.

Menus - Custom Pages

Menus - External Links

Menu items for custom pages or external links appear the same. The difference is that a custom page will open faster than an external link; however, external links can be updated easier, because you can edit pages in WordPress and the page in the app will get updated right away. When you make changes to a custom page, you will need to rebuild your app and resubmit it to the app stores.

Menus - Dividers

Create visual spacing in your menu by using a divider.

Menus - Hidden Items

Hidden menu items are helpful, when you want to create links to menu items which allows user to navigate to those pages, but those pages are not needed to be seen in the menu.

Menus - Icons

Add visual variety to your menu by using icons the Ionicons v3 or Font Awesome v4.7 collections

Menus - Submenus

Group your menus together by using expanding child menus to clean up those long menus.