Always Show Tab Menu

This feature is currently in beta, please test thoroughly.

Create a global tab menu that always shows, even when a side menu link is clicked.

Note: This feature does not work using WordPress/external links (aka custom links). It only works for lists and custom pages.


  1. Any page you want to open with the tab menu showing must be in the tabs menu.
  2. That may mean you have duplicate menu items, so you can hide duplicates using the "hidden-tab" class.
  3. Add a class of "tabs" to any side menu link that you want to open with tabs showing.

Global Tabs with Side Menu and Tab Menu

In side menu, any link that should open as a tab must have a class of "tabs."

Go to Menus, choose your side menu, and add the extra class of "tabs" to all menu items you want to open showing the tab menu.

Next, you must add all pages from your side menu into your tabs menu. Basically, any page you want to show as tabs must be in the tab menu.

Go to your menus, choose your tab menu (or create a new menu), and add all pages you want to open as tabs. In our example above, the Sermons page should be in both our side menu and tab menu.

Now when you click Sermons in the side menu, it will open with the tab menu showing.

If you want the menu item in the side menu, but not showing in the tabs menu, you can optionally hide the tab menu item by adding an extra class of "hidden-tab".

Final Steps

Make sure you have a tab menu set for your app.

Save, then rebuild your app. You may need to hard refresh the page to clear your cache.