Add an App Rate Dialog

To add an app rate dialog to your app, you must use a custom plugin with custom Javascript. This is an advanced feature, but it's a good way to practice customizing your app.

Add the App Rate Plugin

First, visit the Settings tab of your app customizer, and scroll down to the Phonegap config.xml settings box.

Add this code and save:

<plugin name="cordova-plugin-apprate" source="npm" />

Add Custom Javascript

Next we must add custom Javascript to show the rating dialog.

Create a new Javascript file on your computer, call it custom-javascript.js, or whatever you like.

Add this code:

( function() {

	// use this custom ready function to make sure your element is available
	ready('ion-content', function(element) {

	    setTimeout( function() {
		    // you must include cordova-plugin-apprate in your custom config for this to work
		    if( typeof AppRate != "undefined" ) {

				AppRate.preferences = {
					displayAppName: 'My app',
					usesUntilPrompt: 3,
					useLanguage: null,
					simpleMode: true,
					promptAgainForEachNewVersion: false,
					inAppReview: true,
					storeAppURL: {
						ios: '',
						android: 'market://details?id=<package_name>',
		}, 5000 );

You will need to at least edit your ios and android app ids. Further customization of the rating dialog preferences can be found here:

Save this file, then upload to the custom Javascript in your app builder Settings tab, as described here.

Rebuild your app, and test on a device to see the prompt. In testing mode, you will not be able to rate the app.