Test Your App on a Device

To test your app on a device, we must first set you up on our build system.


After your builds are setup, you will be emailed a link to install your app on your device. Note that iOS requires a development certificate and provisioning profile with your device UDID included for app testing. We can help you set this up.

Testing on a Device

Once your builds are setup, you will see a setting like this on your Build and Preview tab:

Click to open. You will then see a menu with different build types.

Important: building your app for a device takes 10-15 minutes. It is recommended you only do this once you have fully tested your app in the browser preview, and are ready for app submission.

Choose a build type and press build. You can close the page, you will be emailed when the build is complete. It usually takes 10-15 minutes, but it can take longer.

If you receive a build error, please contact support.

Build types

  • Android Debug for testing on an Android device. No setup necessary.
  • iOS Debug for testing on an iOS device. Development certificate and profile required, with your device UDID included. Contact us for help setting this up.
  • iOS Ad Hoc for testing push notifications. Requires ad hoc profile and production certificate.
  • Submit to iOS App Store requires app store setup, for paying accounts only.
  • Submit to Google Play requires Google Play setup, for paying accounts only.