Google Analytics 4

Your AppPresser app will track screen views to a website-based Google Analytics account. The measurement ID for the app should be independent of that of your website's measurement ID to allow you to distinguish between the web and app users in your reporting.
Whilst it is technically possible to use the same ID for your website and your app, we would advise against doing that if you want independent reporting.


  1. Go to Google Analytics
    1. Click Admin
  2. Create a new property
    1. Give your new property a name and properly configure the other options.
    2. Then select your platform. In our case, it will be Web.
    3. Now you'll need to specify the URL of your website as well as the name of the new data stream.
    4. This should take you to a page that displays the new web stream details. The MEASUREMENT ID is important and we'll need it for the next step.
  3. Get the MEASUREMENT ID number, it should look like G-XXXXXXXXXX, and copy and paste it into your app settings under the Features > Google Analytics.

  4. Rebuild and reinstall the app via the Rebuild and Preview tab and release it as an update to both stores.