AppPresser Bridge

An alternative to using the AppPresser Theme for iFrame pages in your app is our AppPresser Bridge plugin. This is recommended for users who are more comfortable with custom CSS and/or have a WordPress theme with code/functionality they need inside the app.


  1. Download the AppPresser Bridge zip file from your MyAppPresser account page.
  2. Login to your WordPress website, and go to Appearance=>Plugins =>Upload.
  3. Activate the Plugin 


  • Your WordPress Theme is likely to have some display issues within the app, like excess elements that aren't needed in the app. You can hide these in the app by adding custom CSS rules to the AppPresser -> Settings -> App Customization tab in your wp-admin.
  • We also offer an option to automatically add the push-page class to all links, which helps deal with Iframe Login Issues
  • If you have both the AppPresser Bridge active and AP3 Ion Theme on your site the Bridge should take precedence and show your normal website theme in your app. If you don't get this behaviour, you can remove the AP3 Ion Theme from your site and that should force the Bridge plugin to work