App Rejected

App rejection seems a bit scary, but it's actually not a big deal.

We have never seen an app that was outright rejected and never let into the app stores. Usually they give you a list of things you need to change, and if you change them and resubmit, they accept your app.

Some reasons for rejection might be:

  • Violation of app store policy
  • Not using in app purchases when required
  • Not enough "app" features - usually just need to add more pages and something like push notifications
  • YouTube videos or other media play when the app is closed - Google requires media to stop playing when the app is closed
  • Inappropriate content
  • Not enough moderation features in a social app (for example, you must have a "flagging" feature for BuddyPress)
  • Not using https, ssl, IPv6, or other technology requirements

If your app was rejected, review the list of changes and make any you can. If you have trouble, contact our support team and we are happy to help.