Caching Issues

AppPresser uses a cookie to determine when the app is active, so we can switch your theme and enable other app features. If you are using caching, sometimes this cookie will not be set. This causes you to see your desktop theme in the app, or other issues.


If you are seeing the AppPresser theme on your desktop, clear your site cookies and refresh. You can also try adding ?appp_bypass=true to your url to display your desktop theme like this:

Web Host Caching

In order for AppPresser to work well with WP Engine or other hosts that aggressively cache, you will need to contact your web host support and request that they exclude the  AppPresser_Appp3 cookie from your site cache. 

Cookies used

  • AppPresser_Appp3
  • AppPresser_Preview
  • AppPresser_Bypass
  • AppPresser_Debug_Scripts

URL parameters

  • appp=3

W3 Total Cache

Visit "Cookie Groups" and add a new group. Enter AppPresser_Appp3=true and uncheck "cache", then save. If that solves the problem, you do not need to do anything else.

Make sure to clear all caches after changing any settings.

If you are still having issues, visit the Page Cache menu, scroll down to the Advanced meta box, and add AppPresser_Appp3 under "rejected cookies."

If that doesn't work, you can disable the cache for mobile. In order to disable caching on the mobile agents, go to the W3 Total Cache settings, (“Performance” tab in the wp-admin) > Page Cache > Reject User Agents, and enter the following User Agents.

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • iPad