LearnDash Setup

The LearnDash integration allows you to get courses, topics, lessons, and quizzes into your app.

You can restrict content based on login status, and incorporate a membership plugin, BuddyPress, gamification, and more.

Here is the simplest way to add LearnDash to your app:

  1. Install and activate the AppLMS plugin (Download the plugin from your account page)
  2. Create a new custom page, and add the LearnDash Courses block. Add the page to your menu and save.

That's it! You can then customize as much as you like.


AppLMS Plugin Installation

First install the AppPresser core plugin and theme as described in the Getting Started docs here.

Download the AppLMS plugin from your account page. Find a link to your account page on your app dashboard at the top left of the page.

Make sure the LearnDash and AppLMS plugins are installed and activated. AppLMS must be version 2.0.0 or later.

That's it! There are no admin settings for the AppLMS plugin.

Add Courses Page

Next you need to add the courses page to your app, if it was not added already in the setup wizard. This feature is in beta, so you may encounter some bugs, but we will be fixing these as quickly as we can.

  1. Create a new custom page (Page Builder)
  2. Add the LearnDash Courses block (or the single course block) 

  3. Choose options as necessary, add to menu, and save

Course List Block Options

My Courses - display only courses user is enrolled in. User must be logged in.

Card Display - display courses as a single column in a card layout

Course Category - display only courses from a particular course category, or course categories. Add slugs comma separated, for example: customers,pre-sales 

Category - display only courses from a post category. Use comma separated slugs like: technology,mathematics 

Show Refresh Button - add a button to fetch courses above the course list.

LearnDash Course Block Options

To display only one course, you can use the LearnDash Course block. All that is needed is the course ID.

Course Featured Images

We recommend adding featured images to your courses, these make the display in the app look great.

Iframe Based Integration

You can still use our older iframe based integration if you have some functionality that does not work through the API. This method will be deprecated at some point in the future, but it still works. See the docs for that here.