Plugin Blocker

The plugin blocker disables conflicting plugins only in the app. This solves a lot of issues you may encounter when developing your app,.

It does not affect your normal website and is safe to install.


  1. Download the plugin block .zip file here. (click the green Code button and then download zip)
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Upload to your wp-content/mu-plugins folder via FTP. If this directory does not exist, you must create it. Do not upload as a normal plugin in your wp-admin, it will not work.
  4. Visit your wp-admin, Settings => Plugin Block. Choose any plugin that may be causing an issue, check the boxes, and save.

Plugin block must be in the mu-plugins folder


For WordPress Multisite Plugin Blocker will not work for network active plugins. If you want to block specific plugin then first deactivate from "Network-wide active" (from network admin).