Custom CSS

Add custom CSS to your app on the Design tab of your app customizer.

Below the color pickers, you will see a custom CSS box. This allows you to make fine-grained changes to your app using custom code.

This area is recommended only for experienced web developers. You can use a browser inspector such as Chrome Dev Tools to see the CSS classes you'd like to change, then see those update live in the preview as you write your code.

Note: When writing your custom CSS, it's recommended to avoid using any class names ending in -md (item-md for example). Classes ending in -md only appear in the final Android app and not the iOS app.

Targeting Specific Pages

Each page type has a specific HTML element you can use.

For example, to only target post list pages, you can use the selector "post-list." That would look like this:

post-list .item { background: black; }

(Notice there is no period or hash before the page name)

Other page selectors are: media-list, download-list, post-details, wordpress-page, page-login-modal, language-settings, push-settings, and media-player.