What's New in AppPresser 4

If you are an AppPresser 3 customer, please look at what's new so you don't run into problems building v4 apps.

  1. Update any plugins as needed, such as AppPresser and AppCommunity.
  2. We now use the JWT auth plugin, make sure it is installed and configured.
  3. Offline assets are now called files, and you must change the path from assets/whatever.ext to files/whatever.ext in any custom HTML pages.
  4. Custom HTML pages have a lot of syntax changes, most notably the Ionic tags. You cannot use Ionic 3 HTML or your builds will fail. Language, push, and download settings have also changed. See all the changes here.
  5. Custom CSS and Ionicons need to be updated. Ionic now uses custom CSS properties like --background in some cases, you can consult their documentation for help. Please see this article.
  6. Builds now happen through our new backend system, so you will see some changes when you build apps. If you have problems with builds, please email support.