Google Play Services API Key

To enable Android app resubmissions, you must create an API key.

If you would like us to do this for you, you must provide the Google account login for the Play Store developer account owner.

If you do not want to give us your login, then please complete the steps below.

Login to the Google Play Console.

Click Settings, then Developer Account, then API Access.

Scroll down, and click Create Service Account.

Click the "Google API Console" link, do not click Done yet.

Click Create Service Account.

Call it AppPresser Deploy, and click Create.

Click the role field, select Project => Owner (or any role), and click continue.

Leave the other fields blank, and click Create Key.

Choose JSON format, and click Create.

Save the key to your computer, then send it to us.

Click Done, then go back to your Google Play tab, and click Done. 

It should refresh the page and show you this:

Click Grant Access. Make sure the permissions include everything except manage financial data and user permissions.

Click Add User.

You're done! Make sure to send us the key and we'll get you setup for automated Google Play Store resubmissions.