Bitrise Build Errors

Occasionally you will get build errors in Bitrise. This happens for a variety of reasons, there could be something wrong with the app code or files, an issue with signing keys, or something else.

To diagnose your error, visit your app in Bitrise, and click the failed build.

Scroll down to the Logs tab, and click the bar shown here to load the full logs.

Scroll the log until you see red text. The red text does not always describe the error well, look above and below the red text to see what is going on.

In the example below, you'll see the problem occurred above where it says [ERROR]: doc.find is not a function.

If you need help, you can email us all of the text above and below the red text.

Known Errors

Failed to create component for 'dialog' reason: java.awt.HeadlessException

The keystore password is not set properly, or incorrect. Make sure "replace variables in inputs" is on for all variables.

config file *-Info.plist requested for changes not found at /Users/vagrant/git/platforms/android/*-Info.plist, ignoring
config file *-Info.plist requested for changes not found at /Users/vagrant/git/platforms/android/*-Info.plist, ignoring
doc.find is not a function
A plugin that edits the info.plist file has a problem. Could be the camera, geolocation, or admob.
Deploy failed, error: exit status 1
Login to App Store Connect ([REDACTED])
Session loaded from environment variable is not valid. Continuing with normal login.
Two-factor Authentication (6 digits code) is enabled for account '[REDACTED]'<br>

Connected Apple Developer Portal Account is incorrect (visit Team tab, scroll down), or app specific password is incorrect.