Google Play Automatic Deployment

Please note, automatic submissions only work for existing apps on Google Play. Your first build for a new app must be uploaded manually.

PLEASE NOTE: The Google Play Services API Key is a different file to your google-services.json file. The google-services.json file created in our Android Push Notifications doc is used within your app to connect to firebase and facilitate Android Push Notifications and is normally labelled google-services.json. The Google Play Services API Key is used on our build server to facilitate sending your completed app to Google Play and will usually take the form of a file name like "api-1234567890.json". Mixing up these two files will cause errors.

Setting up your first project 

  1. Register a Google Play Developer Account. If you already have a Google Play Developer account, and have already deployed your app to Google Play Store, skip this step
  2. Go through the Prepare & roll out steps.

Setting up Google Play API access 

  1. Link your API project by Creating a new API project or Using an existing API project.
  2. Click on Create a new service account. The instructions will redirect to Google API Console. Specify a service account name. No roles are needed for the service account.
  3. Create a private key (JSON format) and download it now because you will need it later.
  4. Grant the necessary permissions to the service account on the Play Console.

Check out the Google Play Developer API guide if you need more information on the process.

5. Send the downloaded key file you created in step 3 to your AppPresser representative.