Testing in app purchases on Android

When you are testing in app purchases on Android, you must use a signed version of the app. In order to test the full purchase process you need to running a testing version of your app as documented below and your Google Play email must be listed in the Google Play Console as a tester

The easiest way to do this is to publish your app to a Beta release with open testing. You will be able to get a link that anyone can visit and download the app for testing.

Build a signed apk under your app customizer Build and Preview tab by choosing the "Submit to Google Play" device build. You will be able to download the signed apk and upload it manually to the app store.

Visit your app in the Google Play Console. Click Release Management => App Releases => Beta.

Click Manage by the open beta track, then create a release. Upload your signed apk and publish.

Under Manage Testers you should be able to copy a link that you can visit on an Android device and download the test app version.

You will not be able to USB debug a signed app version.


You troubleshoot and/or verify subscriptions are working with logging.

You have 3 places to see logs:

On your WordPress site

Visit the AppPresser settings on your WordPress site, and go to the Logs tab. Click enable logging.

Here you will be able to see logs when there is a new purchase or cancellation.


Visit your app dashboard, click your app, then the logs tab. Click enable logging, and the visit the app customizer Build and Preview tab and click Publish Changes.

The Receipt Validator

You can also see events in your validator at https://billing-dashboard.fovea.cc/events

If you see an error next to your Android transactions like: "The current user has insufficient permissions to perform the requested operation." that means you have not setup your Android license key or Service Account correctly. Please refer to this documentation to fix it.