Migrate from AppPresser 3 In App Purchases

If you setup in app purchases prior to May 29th, 2020, you can migrate to the new system. 

You must be on AppPresser 4, if you are not then you do not have to migrate. You can continue using your current system on AppPresser 3.

If your app is in the app stores and your in app purchases are working properly, you do not need to update. However, if you plan to submit an app update, you will have to migrate. You cannot rebuild and resubmit your app on AppPresser 4 without doing the migration.


  1. Update the AppPresser plugin to the latest version.
  2. Update the In App Purchases plugin to version 2+. Download the plugin by clicking "Account" at the top left of your myapppresser.com dashboard, or update through the WordPress admin. You can also download version 2.0.1 by clicking here.
  3. Update your custom plugin code that adds/removes customers from membership levels. See our updated example code here.
  4. Visit the purchase page in your app, where you have the <in-app-purchase> component. Remove the "secret" and "open" attributes, which are no longer used, and resave.
  5. Setup the receipt validator, and add your settings on the integrations tab.
  6. Click "Publish Changes" on the Build and Preview tab, and rebuild your app. Make sure "enable in app purchases" is checked on the Settings tab of your app customizer.

You can now turn on logging, and test on iOS or Android.