Clearing your App Preview Cache

While in most cases our app preview in MyAppPresser works great to give you a reliable indication of what your app will look like on device sometimes things can get stuck in cache and prevent you from seeing your latest changes. If you find yourself in a position where something in the preview isn't working how you expect it to, one of the first things to try is clearing out your local storage. We'll cover how to do this using Google Chrome (our recommended browser) below:

In Chrome, open up your app in MyAppPresser and with that page active open the developer tools by pressing either F12 (On Windows) or right-clicking the page and clicking Inspect Page.

Next we're looking to clear the _ionicstorage database. To do that we head to the Application Tab -> IndexedDB -> _ionicdatabase -> Delete Database as pictured below:

Once you've deleted the database refresh the page and it will reload everything and with any luck things should be back to normal.

Force Clear Browser Cache

After clearing the App Preview Cache it's also recommended to clear your browser cache for the site as well which can be done by holding the Shift key and then clicking refresh in your browser.