AppCommunity Troubleshooting

Most issues can be resolved by trying the following:

  1. Make sure all AppPresser plugins, BuddyPress, and AppCommunity are updated to the latest versions
  2. Visit your permalinks page and click save
  3. Rebuild your app and refresh (if using the browser preview)

If that doesn't fix it, please try the following:

  1. Install our plugin blocker in your mu-plugins folder
  2. Visit the Settings => Plugin block page, and deactivate all plugins except BuddyPress
  3. Check the "Deactivate for WP-API Calls" setting
  4. Save and try again

If it's still not fixed and you have an error message, please see the error glossary below for a potential solution. Otherwise gather more information as described below and contact us.


If the above steps do not fix the issue, we will need more information to help you fix it.

  1. Please enable debugging in your app dashboard
  2. Use our support contact form and fill out all details

Error Glossary

Activity does not refresh in the app

  • There is a conflict with the Youzer plugin. Deactivate the plugin and then try again.
  • This could be server side caching, flush your server cache and refresh the app.
  • Any plugin that adds custom activity items, or caching plugin could cause this issue.