Agency Account Migration

Upgrade your Agency account to AppPresser 4.

  1. Email us to request your upgrade
  2. Pay any upgrade fees

After your account is upgraded, none of the apps have changed to v4. Any new app you create will be v4.

Migrating Apps

If you would like to migrate existing apps to v4, please see this:

Update Plugins

You will need to update plugins on your WordPress sites for any apps using v4.

If you are using old versions of other plugins or WordPress core, you may need to update those as well.

You also need to install the JWT Authentication plugin. You may see a notice like this:

You can click "Begin installing plugin" or you can download it here.

After activating that plugin, visit the AppPresser settings and fill out the JWT secret key. Grab any salt here and add only the string. (Do not copy the define('XXX... part)

For example: PeP`xW^ZQI-:#`;=2e0/x&]=ioe{~Tk|U27(cd+#r#(4P3|iam(h*]F+U!MHz3AJ

Device Building and App Stores

First, build your app using the browser preview. You should not build for a device until your app is almost complete. To build for a device or the app stores:

1. Generate your own certificates and signing keys.

2. Visit the Build and Preview tab of your app customizer. Expand Device Builds, and click setup device builds. You can build for Android Debug with no further setup. 

3. For iOS testing and app store submission, you need to setup your workflows for device builds. First, email us and ask us to add you to Bitrise. Next, you will upload your signing keys to Bitrise and define build variables as described here:

You will not be able to test on iOS or submit to the app store until these steps are complete. If you see build errors, please see here: