Agency Account Migration

Upgrade your Agency account to AppPresser 4.

  1. Email us to request your upgrade
  2. Pay any upgrade fees
  3. Setup your own free account and create and save your access token

After your account is upgraded, none of the apps have changed to v4. Any new app you create will be v4.

Migrating Apps

If you would like to migrate existing apps to v4, please see this:

Update Plugins

You will need to update plugins on your WordPress sites for any apps using v4.

If you are using old versions of other plugins or WordPress core, you may need to update those as well.

You also need to install the JWT Authentication plugin. You may see a notice like this:

You can click "Begin installing plugin" or you can download it here.

This feature requires an edit to your wp-config.php. Some hosts do not allow this to happen automatically, so you may need to do it manually.

If you see an admin notice that says there is a problem with your key, you need to manually edit your wp-config.php file and add a secret key like this:

Grab any salt here and replace the portion that says 'REPLACE...
For example:
define('JWT_AUTH_SECRET_KEY', 'PeP`xW^ZQI-:#`;=2e0/x&]=ioe{~Tk|U27(cd+#r#(4P3|iam(h*]F+U!MHz3AJ');

After replacing with your unique key, add that line to your wp-config.php file.

Please check that this key was added successfully via FTP, otherwise your app logins may not work.

Device Building and App Stores

To build for a device or the app stores, you need to set that up on your bitrise account.

1. Setup your account and add your token:

2. Setup your workflows for device builds: