WordPress Links To App Pages

On your WordPress site, you can add links to open pages on your app.  The pages in your app must be added to either your side menu or the tabs menu. 

Requires AP3 Ion Theme v1.2.6+

Purpose Parameter Value Options
Open side menu item data-applink number or  slug
Open tab menu item data-apptablink number or slug
Tab menu with back button data-backbtn true
Open side menu as a new tab* data-new_tab true

Link to an App Page from a WordPress (iframe) page

This example shows uses a slug to open either the side or tab menu. You cannot link to a custom link page in the menu.

As a link
<!-- side menu -->
<a href="#" data-applink="language-settings">Language Settings</a>

<!-- tab menu -->
<a href="#" data-apptablink="store">Store</a>

Find the Page Slug

To find the page slug of your custom pages, open the custom page editor and click the "CSS & Code Help" header.