It's possible to create a sub menu inside your left side menu.

If you are creating a new page in the page builder, you can select the item as a submenu parent or child in the Advanced Options box.

Create one submenu parent, then each page underneath as a child.

If you have already created the pages, you can create submenus by adding the classes manually.

  1. First, visit your menus in the app customizer.
  2. Select your menu, or create a new one.
  3. Add a new WordPress/External Link menu item. Give it a url of #.
  4. Expand the item and add "submenu-parent" to the extra classes. Optionally add an icon.
  5. Add your submenu items below this item, and give them an extra class of "submenu-child"

That's it! Add as many child items as you like, then save.