Setup Overview

Get started with AppPresser.


After purchase, reset your password and login at

You will be redirected to your site,  Bookmark this! This is where you will find your app builder, account information, and downloads.

1. WordPress Setup

On your WordPress site, you need to install the AppPresser plugin, JWT Authentication plugin, and the AP3 Ion Theme at a minimum. You can also install additional extensions. Please follow the instructions in see this article.

2. Create Your First App

Create your first app by visiting your app dashboard (, and click Create New App.

Follow the instructions to create your first app, we have included a video below.

Your next steps:

  1. Learn about adding content and pages to your app here
  2. Learn more about previewing your app and testing on a device here.
  3. Install any extensions you need, like AppCommunity, AppCommerce, etc.
  4. Learn how to customize your app menu

You can find lots more in our documentation.

Your Account

You can find your billing information on your account page. Login to your app dashboard, and click account at the top left. Here you can modify your billing information and view account status.

Migrating From AppPresser 3

If you are migrating, please see these articles: