How to Preview App in Browser and Test on Device

While building your app, you can preview what it will look like in your web browser. When you are ready to test on a device, you can setup device builds.

Rebuild Preview

When you make a change to your app menus, or add/delete custom pages, you will need to rebuild the preview under the build/test tab. This will recompile your preview files, it takes a couple of minutes.

Finish building your app using the browser preview before moving on to device builds.

Device Testing

You will see a setting like this on your Build and Preview tab:

Click to open. Click "Setup device builds." If you get an error, please contact support.

Otherwise, you will then see a menu with different build types. You will only have access to Android testing until you have a paid subscription and we have setup iOS testing for you. Please see the "iOS Testing and App Store Submission" section below.

Important: building your app for a device takes 10-15 minutes. It is recommended you only do this once you have fully tested your app in the browser preview, and are ready for app submission.

Choose a build type and press build. You can close the page, you will receive an email with a download link when the build is complete. It usually takes 10-15 minutes, but it can take longer.

If you receive a build error, please contact support.

Android Device Testing

Click the link in the successful build email on your device, and follow the installation instructions. You can also visit the installation page on a desktop computer and click "Share" to get a QR code. You can then scan the QR code from any Android device to install.

iOS Device Testing

Any iOS device you wish to test with must be included in your list of devices on your Apple Developer account before your certificates are created.

If the app will download but will not install, the problem is that your device was not included on your profile. You need to add your device UDID, then regenerate your development provisioning profile with all devices checked.

Please see this article for detailed installation instructions.

Build Errors

Common errors include:

  • Signing certificates are not setup for iOS. Contact us before running iOS builds.
  • Disable push notifications and in app purchases on the settings tab before testing, unless you have set those up. Android requires a google-services.json file, iOS requires an Ad Hoc build for push notifications.
  • Icon/Splash screen are the wrong size or file type. Please make sure you follow the instructions exactly on the settings tab of your app customizer.

Please contact support if you run into other issues.

iOS Testing and App Store Submission

To setup iOS testing, you must have a paid subscription and an approved Apple developer account. Contact us to setup your certificates for testing and app store submission.

Click here for instructions for iOS setup and app store submission.

Once your iOS and Android signing keys are setup, you will see more builds available.

Build types

  • Android Debug for testing on an Android device. No setup necessary.
  • iOS Debug for testing on an iOS device. Development certificate and profile required, with your device UDID included. Contact us for help setting this up.
  • iOS Ad Hoc for testing push notifications. Requires ad hoc profile and production certificate.
  • Submit to iOS App Store, requires app store setup. Each new submission needs a higher version under the settings tab first.
  • Submit to Google Play, requires Google Play setup. Each new submission needs a higher version under the settings tab first.