App Store Setup

To get you setup for the app stores, we need a few things from you.

  1. Your Apple developer account login
  2. Create an app specific password for Apple
  3. Add [email protected] to your Google Play account
  4. Create your app store listings

See below for more information on each of these steps.

Apple Setup

Enroll in the Apple developer program. Once you are approved, follow the steps below.

  1. Please generate an app specific password and send it to us. Follow these instructions:
  2. Add any iOS test devices you want to use to your account before we generate your certs:
  3. We can generate all of the certificates required to test and submit your app, but we will require your 2-factor authentication code. Fill out this form to get started.

Google Play Setup

Enroll in the Google Play developer program. Add [email protected] to your team as an admin. View this article.

Setting up Google Play API access is required for Android app automated resubmission. You can set this up at any time AFTER we submit manually to Google Play the first time. See this article.

Create App Store Listings

Please follow the instructions here to create your iOS and Android app store listings. Once your app is ready, we will submit the build and publish your app. For now you are just getting the listings ready.