App Store Setup and Submission

To get you setup for the app stores, we need a few things from you.

  1. Your Apple developer account setup as described below
  2. Add [email protected] to your Google Play account
  3. Create your certificates and signing keys
  4. Create your app store listings

When these steps are complete, you can run a build that will send your app to the app stores. See below for more information on each of these steps.

Apple Setup

Enroll in the Apple developer program. Once you are approved, follow the steps below.

  1. Please generate an app specific password and send it to us. Follow the instructions here.
  2. Add any iOS test devices you want to use to your account before we generate your certs. Click here for instructions on adding iOS device UDIDs.
  3. Fill out this form so we can generate your certificates and get you setup for iOS testing and app store submission.

We will generate all of the certificates required to test and submit your app, but we will require your 2-factor authentication code within 2 minutes when we create them. (Reseller plans do not include this service)

Google Play Setup

Enroll in the Google Play developer program.

Setting up Google Play API access is required for Android app automated resubmission. You can set this up at any time AFTER we submit manually to Google Play the first time. See this article.

Create App Store Listings

Before you can submit to the app stores, first follow the instructions here to create your iOS and Android app store listings.

Submitting to the App Stores

When all the steps above have been completed, you can submit your app to the app stores.


For Google Play, the first app submission must be done manually. Please contact support and we will handle this for you. 

Subsequent app updates can be done automatically by increasing your version number, then visit the Build and Preview tab and run the Submit to Google Play build. (You must provide us with an API key first)

If you do not increase the version before resubmitting your app, your build will fail. Please give the build 20 minutes to complete, you will receive an email when it is complete.

Running this build will automatically release your new app version to the production track, it should be available for testing within 24 hours.


To submit to the App Store, visit the Build and Preview tab, expand Device Builds, and select the Submit to iOS App Store build and click Build App.

Make sure you increase the version number as described above with each new app submission. 

Give the build 20 minutes to complete, you should receive an email. After it is complete, you must wait a few hours for the app to process in the app store, then submit the app for review.


If you want to submit a new version of your app to the app stores, simply repeat the steps above, making sure that you first increase the version number. 

If your app is rejected by Apple and they require a new binary, make the necessary changes, increase the version, and run the app store build again.