WordPress Pages (iframe)

This method will display your WordPress page in an iframe in the app.

This type of page is perfect if you have interactive content such as a custom form that will not work through the WP-API. Custom plugin content also works great.

Important: iframe pages may have unexpected results, they do not work as well as API based pages. We suggest you use an API list or custom page instead of iframes whenever possible.

Adding a WordPress Page to your App

There are 2 ways to add these pages, both methods end with the same result: an embedded WordPress page in your app menu.

Go to Menus => Add Item => WordPress/External Links.

Enter the full url to the page you'd like to appear in your app, along with a page title, then click "Add to Menu."

Save and refresh to see this page in the app preview.

Method 2

The alternative way to do it is to add a page under Custom Pages => WordPress iframe. Enter the page title, url, and icon, and optionally add it to the menu, then save. The page will not show up in the custom pages list, it will only appear in your menu. Visit Menus => your menu to see it or edit. Both of these methods do the same thing.

Technical Details

This type of page shows an iframe of the url you enter in the menu. The iframe will display the AppPresser theme and and any related code.

External Links

You can also add an external link in this field, such as https://google.com. The page will open in a modal window on top of the app.