App Preview Not Displaying Correctly

  1. Rebuild your app
  2. Clear your browser cache and refresh

Open in a new window

Visit the preview in a dedicated window. Click the share button at the bottom left of the screen:  This will open an email with a link. Copy/paste that link into a new browser window.

Many issues with the preview can be solved by simply refreshing the page, and possibly clearing your browser cache.

Custom pages don't show in preview, or don't update

If you created a custom page and it's not showing in the app preview, make sure you have added it to the menu, then rebuild your app.

If you make a change to a custom page, you need to rebuild your app to see it in the preview.

If it's still not showing the change after rebuilding, it could be a browser cache issue. View  this website to learn how to clear your browser cache.

WordPress pages don't show in preview

If the preview is not showing your WordPress page, please make sure you have  installed and configured the AppPresser core plugin and theme correctly.

Using non-https pages

Our preview uses https, so if you try to display a non https page, it won't show. This is a browser security issue, not an issue with our preview. This will not be an issue in your live app, it's only an issue with the preview.

In Google Chrome you can temporarily display http pages:

  1. Click the shield icon in the far right of the address bar.
  2. In the pop-up window, click Load anyway or Load unsafe script (depending on your Chrome version).

List pages are blank

If you use a non-https url for your list route, the list items will not show in the preview. Please see the solution above.

App Customizer settings issues

If you are seeing issues with any settings such as menus or PhoneGap Build keys, try refreshing the page.

Trouble building your app

Any build errors will show on your app dashboard under the Misc tab. Go to Apps => My App, and click the Misc. tab. You should see some logs, if you see errors and don't know what they mean, copy/paste the error and send it to support.

Not all logs are errors, for example "No app icon" just means you didn't include a custom icon.

If you are still having issues, please  contact support.

Intro Page

Intro pages only show once, then an item is stored in your browser so it doesn't show again. If you'd like to see it for preview purposes, it's best to create a link in your menu to visit the preview directly, then hide it again when you are done.