Enable WordPress Login

The login settings allow app users to log in our out of WordPress.

You can hide/show menu items when users are logged in to protect certain app pages, and integrate with a membership plugin to hide/show content in WordPress.

To enable this feature, visit your app dashboard, then click Login Settings. Make sure you have set a WordPress url with https, and optionally add the login button to your side menu.

Use with SSL only, it is not secure to use this login feature without https.

When an app user clicks login, they will see the login and registration modal.

If you don't see the button after rebuilding your app, try clearing your browser cache and refresh.

Note: It is recommended that you enable CORS in the AppPresser settings if you have any issues with login.

What does this login do?

It logs in or out any user to your WordPress site via ajax. When a user is logged in, they will see their avatar in the side menu, and they can visit your WordPress pages as a logged in user.

Hide or Show Menu Items

You can hide menu items until a user logs in, please see  this article for details.

Links to open Login Modal

Click here to add a login button in the app or from WordPress.

Use a Menu Item to open the Login Menu

Click here to add a login menu item.