What type of page should I use?

AppPresser allows you to create types of app pages, including WordPress content, API lists, and custom HTML. Here's how you tell which type of page you need.

WordPress content

There are a few different ways to show content from your WordPress site.

Do you need custom plugin content, or interactive site content to display?

This would include a form, custom shortcodes, or basically anything that is not normal text and images on your WordPress site.

Use a WordPress page.

Want to show a list of posts, but have custom content on the post page?

That would include forms, shortcodes, Facebook comments, etc.

Use a WordPress post list page.

Want to show a list of posts but don't have any custom content on the post page?

Just normal text and images, nothing fancy.

Use an API list page. API lists are faster, and are cached offline, but they are a bit more advanced and limited.

Offline Pages, Custom HTML

Want to make a page that loads really fast, works offline, and has nothing to do with WordPress?

Want to make an intro slider, or a page with links to other app pages?

Use a custom HTML page.