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  • Submit iOS app for review

    The final step for submitting your iOS app is to add the build we upload for you, and submit for review. Please make sure you have done all the other steps first, and we have uploaded the final build

  • Manually Submit to the iOS App Store - AppPresser 3

    Note: AppPresser 4 has a different submission process, this article is only for AppPresser 3 To submit to the iOS app store, you must have a valid developer account. Test First, make sure you've

  • App Store Setup

    To get you setup for the app stores, we need a few things from you. Your Apple developer account login Create an app specific password for Apple Add [email protected] to your Google Play account

  • Create App Store Listings

    In order to submit your app to the app stores, you'll need to create your app store listings. This is also where you would change any information related to the app during an update, so it's

  • Introduction to App Store Submission (AppPresser 3)

    AppPresser 3 only Submitting to the app stores is a multi-step process. Create and customize your app with AppPresser Create your iOS certificates, and Android release key Build your app in Phonegap

  • iOS Certificates

    Before you will be able to test your iOS app or submit it to the app store, you will be required to create a set of certificates. We can setup your certificates for you (free), just contact us with a

  • How to Preview App in Browser and Test on Device

    While building your app, you can preview what it will look like in your web browser. When you are ready to test on a device, you can setup device builds. Rebuild Preview When you make a change to

  • Migrate from AppPresser 3 In App Purchases

    If you setup in app purchases prior to May 29th, 2020, you can migrate to the new system. You must be on AppPresser 4, if you are not then you do not have to migrate. You can continue using your

  • Testing in app purchases on Android

    When you are testing in app purchases on Android, you must use a signed version of the app. The easiest way to do this is to publish your app to a Beta release with open testing. You will be able to

  • Agency Account Migration

    Upgrade your Agency account to AppPresser 4. Email us to request your upgrade Pay any upgrade fees After your account is upgraded, none of the apps have changed to v4. Any new app you create will be

  • Android Release Signing

    To submit an Android app to the Google Play store, it must be signed with a release key. That means you generate the key on your computer, then upload it to our build platform. If your plan includes

  • Setup PhoneGap Build and Get Authentication Token

    To test your app on a device or submit to the app stores with AppPresser, you need to create a free PhoneGap Build account and get an authentication token that you copy/paste into your app builder.

  • Expired Certificates

    If you have an expired certificate error, this is because iOS certificates expire after one year. To fix this issue, and re-create any expired certificates. 1. Login to

  • Media Player

    There are many ways to play media in your app, the easiest is to embed video or audio from another source such as YouTube or Soundcloud. To play media from a custom page, you can use this media

  • In App Purchases Overview

    Why do I need In App Purchases? If you sell digital items in your app like a membership or an ebook, you must use an app purchase subscription. You can still offer payments through your website, but

  • iOS Push Notifications

    First, create your push notification certificates. We can create your these for you. Reach Out to us with your iOS account username and password, and a link to your app in My AppPresser. Make sure you

  • AppWoo Setup

    AppWoo has been developed specifically to integrate WooCommerce into your app, along with the AppPresser theme. Installing the AppWoo extension. Install and activate the AppWoo plugin from the zip fil

  • Testing In App Purchases on iOS

    Before testing you must follow all the other steps for creating in app purchases. Create a sandbox tester on app store connect Login as the sandbox tester Rebuild your app with a development

  • App Facebook Connect

    This extension allows your app users to login to your WordPress site through the app using Facebook. Before you can use Facebook Login, please make sure you also add your Facebook App ID and name in y

  • Migrate from AppPresser 3 to 4

    How to migrate an AppPresser 3 app to AppPresser 4. This is not required for new v4 apps, just migrated apps. Here's what the process looks like: Move your app to version 4 by switching the current

  • App Store Camera Usage Description

    When submitting your app to the app stores, you are required to have a description of how you use the camera and photo library. There is already a default usage message that says: "This app allows

  • Generating App Store Screenshots

    An easy way to generate screenshots using the Chrome device emulator. Add 2 new device sizes to the emulator to get the necessary sizes. Go to the app customizer for the app you are submitting, click