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  • Submit to Google Play

    Before submitting your Android app to Google Play, make sure you've tested your app on a real device. To submit for Android, you will need a  Google Play developer account.  If you have not gene

  • Submit to the iOS App Store

    To submit to the iOS app store, you must have a valid developer account. Test First, make sure you've tested your app on a device, and everything looks good. You should test using your own PhoneGa

  • App Store Camera Usage Description

    When submitting your app to the app stores, you are required to have a description of how you use the camera and photo library. There is already a default usage message that says: "This app allows

  • Introduction to App Store Submission

    Submitting to the app stores is a multi-step process. Create and customize your app with AppPresser Create your iOS certificates, and Android release key Build your app in Phonegap Buil

  • In App Purchases Overview

    Adding in app purchases to your app is a multi-step process that can get very complex. We have done our best to simplify it for you, but it will still take quite a bit of time to setup plus some cu

  • iOS Certificates

    Before you will be able to test your iOS app or submit it to the app store, you will be required to create a set of certificates. We can setup your certificates for you (free), just email us with a

  • Android Release Signing

    To submit an Android app to the Google Play store, it must be signed with a release key. That means you generate the key on your computer, then upload it to PhoneGap Build and rebuild the app. Note:

  • Setup PhoneGap Build and Get Authentication Token

    To test your app on a device or submit to the app stores with AppPresser, you need to create a free PhoneGap Build account and get an authentication token that you copy/paste into your app builder.

  • iOS Push Notifications

    First, create your push notification certificates. We can create your these for you. Reach Out to us with your iOS account username and password, and a link to your app in My AppPresser. Make sure

  • AppWoo Setup

    AppWoo has been developed specifically to integrate WooCommerce into your app, along with the AppPresser theme. Installing the AppWoo extension. Install and activate the AppWoo plugin from th

  • App Facebook Connect

    This extension allows your app users to login to your WordPress site through the app using Facebook. Before you can use Facebook Login, please make sure you also add your Facebook App ID and name

  • App Rejected

    App rejection seems a bit scary, but it's actually not a big deal. We have never seen an app that was outright rejected and never let into the app stores. Usually they give you a list of things you

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    These questions/answers were taken from our AppPresser 3 launch webinar. Some of them may be outdated, but we are posting them here in case they are helpful for you. WordPress plugins / AppPresser E

  • Translating Your App

    You can translate your app by providing a translation file and creating a language settings page. You can also integrate with the  WPML plugin to translate WordPress content. 1. First, download our